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7 Reasons Why Staying Healthy Is Fun

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7 Reasons Why Staying Healthy Is Fun

Staying healthy and engaging with physical activity is a lifestyle, not a hobby. With an ever-increasing push in the current day to get more people active and healthy the reasons why are increasingly clear. From health benefits such as increased memory and intelligence to increasing productivity, staying and leading a healthy lifestyle is the way forward. In this article gym equipment will cover 7 reasons why staying healthy is fun and you can find a list of 55 exercises at the bottom.

  1. More Energy Means More Fulfilling Achievements

    Maintaining a healthy diet, engaging with consistent exercise and workouts and leading a healthy lifestyle means more energy. There’s a common saying, ‘what you put in you get out’ that is just as true for the body as it is anything else. Fuelling our bodies with healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables, lean meat and healthy carbohydrates results in a more efficient system, it provides energy stores which allow our body to run on for longer periods of time. Furthermore, exercising frequently produces feel-good hormones known as endorphins which do, as they say, make you feel good and boost energy levels.
  2. Live Longer

    There are many different scientific studies available which prove a healthy lifestyle to also allow people to live longer. Eating fatty foods and sugar can lead to severe consequences on the body, often resulting in blocked arteries, heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. Whereas, leading a healthy lifestyle cleanses the body and promotes overall good health, keeping the arteries clear, increasing the healthiness of the heart whilst allowing you to live longer.
  3. Being healthy just feel good all over

    It’s no lie that being healthy makes you feel good all over. As aforementioned, exercise produces endorphins which make us feel good once we have completed our workout. There’s a common saying in the world of running known as a ‘runners high’. This is when a runner has usually completely a long-run varying from 60 minutes to upwards of 3 hours. The body is flooded with endorphins which increase pleasure, pain relief and enjoyment. Similarly, finishing a hard-workout in the gym will produce similar results, this is your bodies hormonal response to finishing the intense activity.
  4. Empowerment and confidence

    The sheer amount of people who say lifting weights have allowed them to feel empowered and greater confidence with themselves and their bodies is amazing. This is especially relevant when it comes to women. Lifting weights, working-out or performing any other exercise allows us to see results, it allows our bodies to change and our mindset with it. We start to believe anything is possible, we set new goals and we look and feel better about bodies it’s all empowering stuff that you really want to share with your friends, and more often than not they’ll notice it too.
  5. Increase productivity

    Due to the increase in endorphins flooding your system daily, you are more likely to be productive. Why you may ask? This is because generally happy people are able to better focus for longer periods of time, their minds drift less and they don’t have any stressors on their mind. Frequent gym-goers will also blow off their stress daily, allowing everyday entered to be fresh and with a positive mindset.
  6. Maintain immune functioning

    Healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, all of which are important for the proper functioning of the immune system. Fruit such as berries, strawberries and raspberries are high in antioxidants, these are especially important in the prevention of frequent illnesses whilst maintaining immune functioning. If you are worried you are not getting the required amount of vitamins per day you can invest in vitamin tablets, purchased from the majority of supermarkets and pharmacies to boost your immune function and improve other aspects of daily life such as sleep quality. If possible, however, try to get them from your diet instead.
  7. Boosts memory and intelligence

    There have been various past studies which predict a positive correlation between exercising and improved cognitive function. This is accordingly due to increased blood level hormones with aerobic fitness. This is further supported by lowering the bodies stress hormone known as ‘cortisol’ through exercise. If we are less stressed we have an improved mood, reduced anxiety and further capacity to remember new information.


How can I start?

Now that you know some of the many benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle you may be wondering how to actually start? First off, build into it gradually. Start replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives, workout a couple of times a week and don’t rush the process, doing this will most likely lead to relapse into your old habits. Once you are comfortable with your new habits to increase them, start working out 3 times a week and replacing even more sugar.

A final thought

To summarise, leading a healthy lifestyle and engaging with consistent exercise yields a variety of different benefits. From increasing your life-span to boosting memory and intelligence, leading a healthy lifestyle is as fulfilling as it is practical. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get active.


Exercises 1-15
Exercises 16-29
Exercises 30-45
Exercises 46-55

This article is written for Norway Today by Barry White of gym equipment.

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