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Cleaning Carpet StainCleaning Carpet Stain. Photo: Gemma Tyler

How to Make Homemade Natural Carpet Cleaner

Commercial cleaner is not always ideal for carpets, and not everyone likes to use them. Many of them have a very strong chemical smell that lingers for hours after use, not to mention the adverse reactions that can occur when they come into contact with skin.


Sometimes, the most effective way to clean a carpet is with natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboards. It doesn’t take much, and the process of applying it is a very simple one.

Making the Solution

The solution that is used to get stubborn stains out of carpets and keep them nice and clean is made up of water and white vinegar. It is important that you do not use undiluted vinegar on your carpets as this can cause discolouration in your carpet and furniture. You can create the best solution by mixing two parts water with one part vinegar.

It deodorises the carpet, leaving it smelling fresh and clean once the process is over. It’s a really good solution to use if you have pets or a home with high traffic areas, as these become dirty quite quickly and easily. Take a look at the steps below for the most effective way to clean your carpet naturally.

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Soap

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Soap.  Photo: Gemma Tyler

Steps for Cleaning Your Carpet

  1. Clean the Surface

Run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet before you start to use the natural cleaner. This removes dirt and debris from the carpet, so you have a relatively clean area to work with. If you are cleaning a rug or mat, you can also use a brush or shake them outside to get them as free from debris as possible.

  1. Spot Cleaning

Sometimes, a stain can be removed with spot cleaning. Get a basin of warm water and two clean cloths. For the best results, this step should be taken right after the offending item is spilt, as you will have the best chance of getting the mark out. Dip one of the cloths into the water and then gently blot the affected area with it. Do not rub, as this could make the stain worse. Once this is done, remove the moisture from the area by dabbing it with the dry cloth.

Cleaning Carpet Stain. Photo: Gemma Tyler

  1. Apply the Solution

Some stains are more stubborn, however, and these require a little extra effort. At this point, you can apply the water and white vinegar solution to the affected area. Before the solution starts to dry, however, sprinkle some baking powder on top of it. If the baking powder dissolves, sprinkle a little more on top so that the area is visible. This is because the powder helps to soak up the excess moisture, so be generous with your sprinkling.

  1. Vacuum the Area

The solution should be left to soak for a few minutes. Once you have left it, you can then take your vacuum cleaner and run over the baking powder with it. This will leave your carpet looking clean and fresh. You can also use a dustpan and brush on the area, but we find a vacuum cleaner to be more effective.

To Conclude

Natural and green ways to clean your carpet are easy to come by and very effective. This method takes hardly any time at all, you just need to leave it to sit for a short period of time, and the stain will be gone. Next time you need to remove a stubborn mark on your carpet, make sure you give this green and natural method a go.

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