Norwegian research receives record EU funding

EU FLAGEU flag.Photo: Pixabay


The EU’s research program awards a record NOK 11 billion to Norwegian research and innovation projects, where climate, environment, and energy are at the center.

“The EEA agreement gives us access to the world’s largest research and innovation program, and I am proud that many Norwegian players are world-class and sought after as partners in European projects,” said Research and Higher Education Minister Henrik Asheim (H) in a press release.

– “The money helps to secure Norwegian jobs while also solving major social challenges,” says Asheim.

Players from all over the world are competing for funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research program, and the amount that Norwegian projects are now receiving is a record high.

The research group Sintef receives the largest sum, with NOK 1.5 billion. The University of Oslo, Bergen, and Borregaard are also to receive the largest amounts.

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