Hundreds of thousands may be affected by current strike



Electricity customers can in many places of the country be affected by the maintenance of the network being put on hold, when the EL and IT Workers’ Union takes out all their members on strike this Monday .

The strike broke out after mediation between EL and IT Workers’ Union, their Trade unions Delta and United Federation and its counterpart KS Company on September 22  did not succeed. The strike has already been going on for a month and been stepped up twice.

From Monday 24 October 1091 employees in 74 energy companies will go on strike. All EL and IT Workers’ Union members in the affected firms have  now been removed.

– People and companies may lose power. It is regrettable, but we will help provide emergency work if life or health is in danger.

The aim is primarily to get the KS Enterprise to negotiate an acceptable solutions, said chief negotiator Bjorn Fornes in the EL and IT Workers’ Union NTB last week.

The energy strike includes companies organized in KS Enterprise, while operations with companies incorporated in Energy Norway are proceeding as normal, clarified information officer Aslak Øverås in Energy Norway.

The companies affected by the strike, have got around 380,000 of the country’s approximately 2.5 million electricity customers.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today