Inspectorate concerned about information collection in cars

carCar in traffic. Photo Norway Today Media.

NAF fear that the information stored in newer cars, can be abused, for example by insurance companies.

If that happens, the technology is being used completely differently than what it was intended for, warns Inspectorate.
According to NRK, the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) found that information on driving style can be resold to an insurance company, which can crank up the price for those who are driving too fast.
– New cars are computers on wheels. They collect much more information than many realize, says communications consultant Nils Sødal in NAF.
Technical director Atle Årnes in the Inspectorate shares the concern.
– If it happens, the information is used entirely for purposes other than those originally intended. We are concerned, he says.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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