Jensen: – The budget will solve more problems for most people

State budget 2017. Finance minister Siv JensenOSLO.State budget 2017. Finance minister Siv Jensen.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix


The trains run more frequently, the roads are safer and   never before have so many new businesses been created  ,  Minister of Finance Siv Jensen says, adding that the state budget for 2017 will address several of the challenges people face today.

– Increased maintenance has made the trains more precise, and many of us are now travelling on new and safer roads, and we are continuing to focus on transport and building more roads and railways, the Minister of Finance  said in her financial speech.

She went on to say that this creates safer and easier life, and that the government will continue to address several of the challenges people face.

– In 2017 we will continue our efforts to strengthen our network of social security and safety .

We will prepare for the jobs of tomorrow through investing in knowledge, research and innovation, and continuing the implementation of tax reforms and reducing the taxes to make it more profitable to start new businesses and create new jobs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today