New rules: 200 tons of game meat should be discarded

Elk huntingElk hunting.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX .

Hunters and slaughterhouses must cut away at least 200 tons of meat with lead contamination after a rule change from the FSA.

This weekend moose hunting starts over large parts of the country. This year they have around 100,000 carcasses through new processing procedures after the industry’s standard for field controller scheme was introduced on the  1st of August, according newspaper Nationen.

– FSA requires that hunters cut away more of their slaughter traded to local processors and game handlers, says Gunnar Olav Hårstad at Forest Course at Biri.

The reason is that when the big game gets a bullet in the side, it emits sphere lead to the slaughter. And there is a short way to the dinner table.

– In addition to that 10 centimeters in radius extra around the entry wound will be cut when animals are skinned. We have received an order of the FSA, said Hårstad.

The reason for the order is the finding of lead in ground meat. In checks of deer meat in 2014  they found too much lead quantities of minced meat from grocery stores, butchers and specialty shops in southern Norway.

Last year there was  99,100 deer harvested in Norway. Butchers newspaper has talked to, estimates that at least 2 kilograms disappear from each harvest on average, giving a shrinkage of at least 200 tonnes in total.

Meat from animals has a maximum level for lead of 0.1 milligrams per kilogram. Two out of three samples tested were above this threshold – some samples had 350 times more lead than allowed for in the livestock.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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