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Norwegian Forest Company Saugbrugs gets millions in financial support from Innovation Norway

The smoke rises from Norwegian Forestry Saugbrugs HaldenThe smoke rises from Norwegian Forestry Saugbrugs in Halden.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix


Innovation Norway will contribute 6.5 million kroner to the crisis-stricken Norwegian forest factory in Halden.

The management of the Norwegian Forest papermill Saugbrugs says to Dagens Næringsliv that they are very pleased with the much-needed funds.
– Our strategy is to develop new fiber and energy products in cooperation with our paper production, says CEO Kjell Arve Kure in the Norwegian Forest Saugbrugs.
Innovation Norway contributes 4.5 million to a project to develop fiber for new applications such as new raw material in paper, possible reinforcement of plastic compostable and thickener. In addition, they enter 2 million in funding to develop fibreboard.
Innovation Norway has already funded a precompiled pilot plant for microfibrillar cellulose production at Saugbrugs to be opened later this year.
The projects Innovation Norway provides support for, can help the paper manufacturer to be less economically vulnerable.
– This provides the opportunity to create new revenues and more jobs, says senior adviser Erlen Ystrøm Hårtveit from Innovation Norway.
Norwegian Forest Saugbrugs, which was bought by Norwegian Forestry in 1989, is the oldest wood processing factory in Norway that is still in operation.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today