Pension expenses explode: Up 9 billion a year

Minister of Education and Integration Jan Tore Sanner (Conservative Party)Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner(Conservative Party)Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix


Pension expenses will grow by about NOK 9 billion a year over the next two to three years.

This was stated by Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) in his speech at the Government’s Perspective Conference on Tuesday.

Next year, the number of old-age pensioners in Norway will pass one million, he pointed out.

In the next ten years, the number of old-age pensioners will increase by 25,000-30,000 people each year.

– This means that we must spend more money on pensions in the years to come, and that will require clear priorities, Sanner emphasized.

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  1. It’s not your money, it’s peoples money that are kept from monthly salary. If you mismanage this money you are responsible

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