Several entrepreneurs depressed in 2015

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A weak 2015 Norwegian industry resulted in a record number of entrepreneurs. More than 61,000 people started companies this year.

It started with 35,822 personal-owned enterprises and 25 793 corporations, according to Statistics Norway (SSB).
– More than half of the entrepreneurs were in the age group 25-44 years with a secondary level of education.
The average female entrepreneur was somewhat younger than the male, but with higher formal qualifications.
This is a trend that has persisted since the statistic was created in 2002, SSB writes.
Most of those who left for himself, did so within the category of professional, scientific and technical activities.
In second place after the consultants came practitioners in the construction industry, followed by entrepreneurs in retail trade and repair of motor vehicles.
With regards to personal owned enterprises that were in their fifth year of operation in 2014, almost 70 per cent of male entrepreneurs experienced revenue growth in their enterprises, while 57, 8 percent of women could say the same.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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