Asylum Children get 14 kroner per day

Asylum Children get 14 kroner per dayAsylum Children.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

There are children seeking asylum for months waiting to get asylum application processed, about 14 kroner a day. This is a failure of Norwegian child welfare, says center manager.

A tenner and four kroner is the daily allowance children who have fled the war in their homeland must survive on while waiting to get in the system.
“We lack respect for refugee children’s experiences of war. They have lived with war and many have seen their parents killed. These children are carriers of insane amount of grief and pain,” says the head of the reception center at Stange, Erling Segelstad to newspaper VG.

At the reception center in Hamar, several young boys wait together. While they constantly feel the fear of getting asylum applications were rejected and being sent back to where they fled, they watch TV, play games, and get an hour of Norwegian lessons a day.
“Some have lived here since September, since the end of October, or even early November. Youth’s stays in transit centers average 42 days. They have lived here for so long now this must be neglect from Norwegian child welfare,” says Segelstad.

Pocket money to residents is handed out every fortnight.
“Originally they received 17 kroner per day. Tightening passed in Parliament meant that they lost three crowns a day. Without fantastic help of volunteers, this would have gone very badly. It is absolutely impossible for these children to be involved in anything. That they can not afford to,” say Segelstad.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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