Child protection complaints send Norway high on the EMD list

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Norway is in joint 9th place with Italy with the most cases in European Court of Human Rights (EMD) so far. The majority of these cases involve child protection.

The EMD has 32 complaints against Norway so far in 2019 and 26 of these are child protection cases, writes Dagbladet.

Norway has more cases compared to her neighbours. Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland have two, five, two and five cases pending.

Turkey tops the list with 167 complaints pending. Russia follows with 138 cases, Romania has 94, Moldova and Ukraine have 82 and 64 respectively. In sixth place comes Poland with 44 cases then Bulgaria with 39 cases. Greece is in eighth place with 37 cases.

The last five years saw 45 Norwegian cases ending up in Strasbourg. Apart from the child welfare cases, the EMD has communicated with Norway regarding 35 cases from December 2015 to present day. Only ten Norwegian cases have been dealt with in court in the last five years, writes Dagbladet.

The newspaper retrieved the figures from the EMD’s database and also checked with the Court. It found 24 cases in the database but according to the Court, there are 32. For the other 46 countries, the number of complaints cases appears as in the database, so there may be a backlog in Norway’s case.

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