Economic crime police (Økokrim) say Norwegians increasingly exposed to foreign fraudsters

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Digitalisation makes Norwegians increasingly exposed to mass fraud from foreign strangers,according to Økokrim’s threat assessment for 2018.


‘’Fraudsters on the internet are typical pop-up criminals who spread quickly, have short duration,and it’s hard to predict both the content and the spread patter’’, stated Økokrim’s threat assessment.

It appears that both Norwegian and Norwegian companies are attractive targets for fraudsters online.

Økokrim said 5% responded that they have been exposed to fraud on the net, while only 19% of these say they have reviewed the conditions.

“This gives the police and government new challenges and sets higher demands for cross-border cooperation,” said Økokrim’s chief, Trond Eirik Schea, of the web fraudsters in a press release.

Økokrim drew on ‘transactions’ as an important area of strategy for preventing fraud against Norwegian companies. It described the overall threat as relatively stable.

Tax and tax crime is described as the biggest threat in traditional economic crime. Økokrim wrote that the more frequent discoveries concerned tax fraud or Norwegians who have reported migration from Norway, but live in the country for major parts of the year.

“Information exchange between countries is expected to lead to the publication of more such problems,” Økokrim said in its threat assessment.

The police also wrote that the corruption risk associated with local government has become clearer,including in the field of planning and construction tax management. In the field of workplace crime, misuse of enterprises has become a major part of the threat picture.

“Value added tax fraud done with fictitious billing continues to be one of the main sources of profit.

It will be more challenging for potential customers to reveal labour crime when business is increasingly becoming law-abiding,” said Økokrim.


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