FrP asks Oslo municipality to require mandatory measles vaccine

measles vaccineMeasles vaccine.Photo: Lise Åserud / SCANPIX .


After a one-year-old in Oslo has been admitted to a hospital with measles, FrP (Progress Party) is now urging the municipality to require all children to follow the Childhood Immunisation Programme (barnevaskineprogrammet).

On Friday, it became known that a one-year-old in a kindergarten in Bydel Sagene was hospitalized with measles. According to Aftenposten, 60 children in the district were vaccinated on Friday and Saturday. Usually, children are given the first measles vaccine when they are 15 months old.

FrP’s health policy spokesperson Åshild Bruun-Gundersen tells Dagsavisen that she now encourages the Municipality of Oslo to introduce requirements in all private and municipal kindergartens, that the children must follow the Childhood Immunisation Programme

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