Many people support mandatory talk before abortion

Pregnant WomanPregnant Woman .Photo: Robert Schlesinger / NTB scanpix

Six out of ten agree that a  a mandatory consultative  talk should be introduced for women who want an abortion, a new study shows.

I think people think that they need knowledge and another person to share their reflections with and who can reflect along with them. It’s a tough choice to make for people who are in that situation,  Astrid Byrknes, who is the substitute representative of Knut Arild Hareide (Chr) in the parliament, says to the  newspaper Dagen.
Despite the fact that most Norwegians supports the current abortion law,  a majority of the respondents say that   mandatory advisory talk should be introduced for those seeking an abortion. Six out of ten somewhat or strongly agree with this, according to the survey made by NOBAS (Norwegian Bioethics Attitude Survey) .
Christian Democrats considers this be a sign of support among the majority of Norwegians for their proposal  on time to reflect before abortion, which was launched in March. Members of Right are  more lukewarm to the proposal for a mandatory advisory talk.
– I think women have to decide for themselves whether they are to have a consultative talk before making the final decision on whether to get an abortion or not , but I think many people appreciate there being support services that can provide advice and guidance. Many women in this situation experience it as a difficult situation,  Tone W. Trøen  ,health spokeswoman for the Conservatives, says.
According to the abortion law, the rights of pregnant women include rights to ethical guidance and the offer of family planning.
14.001 abortions were made last year, most of them by women under 30 years. Nearly eight out of ten abortions occur before the ninth week. Abortion rates in Norway have fallen steadily for many years, according to figures from the NIPH.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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