Now the cold arrives in earnest

minus degreesMinus degrees.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

In the coming week, some temperatures will be far down the scale in several places in Eastern Norway. But first, there will be more snow.


It may be more than 20 degrees minus in several places in the country this coming week, wrote Dagbladet.

‘What is happening now will be very clear from Tuesday, but we’ll have some local fog, so there will be large divergences,’ stated meteorologist, Rafael Escobar Løvdahl, of the weather in southern and eastern Norway.

In Sørlandet it will be clear on Tuesday, while fog in eastern Norway will be breaking out. During the evening, eastern Norway’s weather will cross to the southern part of Norway, with a sludgy snow along the coast,but rain and some freezing rain may also occur.

‘Rain will also come to Eastern Norway on Wednesday, and there will be plenty of snow. We will probably notice the effect of the low pressure on Thursday too, and then we could get snow in Sørlandet’, said Løvdahl.

When the low pressure passes, it will enter a high pressure phase, and clear weather. The State Meteorologist said that it could soon be 20 degrees below freezing in the coldest places in Eastern Norway.

‘But there will be big variations, so it may vary from a few degrees minus in the ‘warmest’ places, to just under 20 degrees minus,’ said Løvdahl.

Deputy meteorologist, Sjur Wergeland, reported that there is no significant low pressure on the way in Northern Norway or Trøndelag. Temperatures will stay on the minus side.

It nevertheless looks like Trøndelag could get a little rainfall over the course of the week. There may be some cold weather on the coast, while the temperature in the inland areas could sink down to 20 to 25 minus zero degrees.

In Western Norway, it seems that the rainfall will mostly stay away, and the weather will be ok during the week. There may be a few days of plus zero degrees on the coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it also seems that the cold will come in
toward the weekend.


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