Project manager in London wishes to train Norwegian parents in dealing with juvenile delinquency

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Kelly Reid, who is fighting youth crime in London, wants to come to Oslo to train Norwegian parents.


Reid heads the London project, “Parent’s Voice”, which was established after several bloody gang fights in the city in 2015.

‘’Everyone worked to reach out to the youngsters. Nobody thought of the parents,’’ she told Dagbladet newspaper.

Initially, the organization went door to door and distributed brochures about how a parent can detect that the child is on his or her way into a gang, or is about to end up on the wrong side of the law. Reid also collaborates with local police and lectures for the police and parents about cannabis-induced psychosis, sexual exploitation, teenage violence and gang-affiliation.

She said that wealthy parents are hardest to reach.

“They say things like ‘the kids need privacy’”.

Reid believes it is important to meet parents with understanding, not prejudices.

“Most parents are not bad parents, just very busy,” she said.

Dagbladet has previously written that 263 young offenders in the past year have been notified three or more times for having committed crime to a greater or lesser degree in Oslo.

Reid says she would like to train Norwegian parents.


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