Still no arrests after Oslo pub shooting

Hausmanns street in OsloPolice.Hausmanns street in Oslo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix


During Friday night, the police questioned a number of witnesses to the shooting at a pub in Oslo. They still don’t know the motive for the shooting, and no-one has been arrested so far.

At around 04.00, the crime department (krimvakta) in Oslo police informed the news agency, NTB, that there are no further developments in the case and that it will be a continuing investigation on Saturday.

Police believe it was only by sheer luck that nobody was hit when a number of shots were fired at ‘Calle’s Mat og Vinhus’ in Hausmanns gate in Oslo at around at 17.42.

How many shots were fired is uncertain, but the police officer leading the on site investigation, Kristoffer Bang, said that it was ‘at least several.’

Witnesses who saw the shooting incident said that a car slowed its speed outside the pub just before the shots were fired, and that it then accelerated away from the place. The car
was stolen, and was later found a short distance away, close to Akerselva.

Darkly dressed man

Police are still unsure as to how many people were inside the vehicle from which the shots were fired, but a witness saw a darkly dressed man, approximately 180 centimeters
(5’ 9”) tall, running from the car after it was abandoned. It was a black, off-road Jeep Wrangler.

Anita Khan, Chairperson of the board of Calle’s Mat og Vinhus (Calle’s Food & Wine House), told NRK news that she did not want to comment on the incident.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today