The EU Environment Agency warns of several floods and forest fires

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Europe will experience more flooding, drought and forest fires in the future, and countries must be better prepared, warns the EU Environment Agency.

The EU must not only work to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but also adapt to their consequences, points out the agency, which this week published several maps showing how climate change will affect the various countries.

The message is supported by Pascal Canfin, who chairs the European Parliament’s Environment Committee.

– “We need to start preparing today to prevent areas from disappearing completely off the map. The longer we wait, the bigger the shock,” he says.

Extreme weather
Even if the world’s countries were to succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the EEA predicts that climate change will be worse. Extreme weather will create problems such as floods, droughts, forest fires and extreme high tides, which in turn will affect both ecosystems, the economy, human health and welfare, it points out.

Coastal cities such as Venice, Naples and Barcelona will notice the sea rising, it points out.

The inland will more often experience floods as a result of heavy rainfall. The majority of Europe is likely to experience up to 35 percent more rainfall in the fall and winter, according to the EEA. In southern Europe, droughts will become more common and there will be longer droughts. The agency is predicting a battle for water between agriculture, industry and consumers.

More forest fires

The southern parts of the continent could also be severely affected by forest fires.

Western and Central Europe will also experience major forest fires more often.

In recent years, such fires have ravaged several regions and affected areas in Western Europe that have not had major problems with this in the past, the EEA writes. It appears that Sweden experienced the worst forest fire season ever in 2018.

This summer there was record heat and drought in a number of countries in Europe.

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