Trump has appointed a new ambassador to Norway

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US President Donald Trump has appointed a former speaker at the House of Representatives in Georgia as the new ambassador to Norway.

“J. Mark Burkhalter of Georgia has been named extraordinary ambassador and agent for the United States to the Kingdom of Norway,” the White House press release said.

The press release states that he is a senior adviser in public policy and regulation at Denton law firm, and that he has played a significant role in Denton’s public affairs and economic development efforts in the United Kingdom.

Burkhalter was the speaker for the House of Representatives in Georgia for 18 years from 1992, focusing on promoting economic development, business growth and quality of life in the Atlanta area. Later, he has made a career in real estate development, the White House says.

Kenneth Braithwaite has been the United States ambassador to Norway since February 2018, after leaving the position vacant for two and a half years after Trump’s election victory.

It is not stated when Burkhalter will take office.

Most US ambassadors have backgrounds as diplomats, but it is common for US presidents to also designate envoys with a different background. The politically appointed ambassadors are usually replaced by the change of president.

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  1. Our excellent former Ambassador Ken Braithwaite’s appointment to Secretary of the Navy seems to be held up by Congress.

    With only 6 months left until election, I wonder if Mark will be confirmed.

    We should have kept Ken Braithwaite on, here, until he was in fact confirmed as Secretary of the Navy by Congress. The temporary Navy secretary’s decision to dismiss our carrier captain for leaks of his e-mails about coronavirus seems to have been ill-considered.

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