Tande copied Fidjestøl in Oberstdorf

Ski jumping Flting TandeGarmisch Partenkirchen, Slarge Ski jumping hill. Photo: Pixabay.com

World champion Tande copied Fidjestøl in Oberstdorf

Daniel-André Tande became world champion in ski jumping after three strong rounds in the ski flying hill in Oberstdorf on Friday and Saturday. The world record of 252 meters can not be reached in the German hill, but 238,5 metres is still impressive to say the least.


Tande was in thelead after three out of four rounds were completed, and when the jury had to cancel the last round, he could both cheer and wipe away tears after the World Championship gold was secured in Germany.

– I do not think I can describe what I feel. It’s a dream come true, Tande said in the official FIS interview just after he was announced as the victor. Polands Kamil Stoch took the silver while German Richard Freitag came in third. Tande defended his lead from the first day with a jump of 200 meters in the third round on Saturday.

Thus he was in a very good position to copy Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl, who until Saturday was the last Norwegian to win the ski flying World Championships in Germany. That happened in 1988, almost 30 years ago.

– I’m extremely happy that we won. It’ was deserved according to the other coaches. He was definitely the best in all rounds, national team coach, Alexander Stöckl, told NRK after Tande’s victory.

Andreas Stjernen placed in fifth spot, Johann André Forfang ended as number eight. Robert Johansson, who boasts the most impressive whiskers in the ski jumping circus, completed a strong Norwegian team performance by ending up as number 9.

Good feeling

– It feels rhythmic and nice. Now I will go up and look forward to jumping again,  Tande told the state channel after the first round.

He however did not have to jump again.

He jumped under difficult conditions on Saturday, but managed a jump of 200 meters in the first round. That meant that he with 651.9 points was 13.3 points in front of Poland’s Kamil Stoch.

“13 points is nothing in a ski flying hill,”  national team coach Alexander Stöckl said to NRK before the last round was cancelled.

Roar Stjernen became number five after a jump of 223.5 meters Saturday, while Forfang secured eighth place with a jump of 225.5 meters. Those were the two longest jumps on Saturday.

Owned the hill

Daniel-André Tande was World Cup leader after the two rounds on Friday. He was 10.9 points ahead of Richard Freitag after the first day. On Friday he also set a hill record with 238.5 meters in the qualifier.

There was no doubt that Tande was deservedly the world champion. He owned the ski jumping hill in Oberstdorf this weekend. He was the best in qualifer, first and second rounds, third best in third round.

The jumping was supposed to start at 4 pm on Saturday, but due to unexpected wind the event was postponed by half an hour. It was the wind that caused the fourth and last round to be interrupted after few jumpers and later canceled.


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