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Solberg will answer about Sandberg

Solberg will answer about Sandberg on Monday Haphazard, fringed and homemade, says the opposition about Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg (Progress Party). Now everyone is…

Norway regrets U.S. nixing Nuclear Deal

Norway’s formal stance of the Iran nuclear deal is clear: “A world without nuclear weapons cannot be achieved without a credible and robust non-proliferation regime….

Brende congratules Rouhani

Brende congratules Rouhani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende, congratulates Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with the election win.   Brende also says that he shares…

Norwegian aquaculture equipment to Iran

Two Norwegian companies are exporting aquaculture technology to Iran. The agreement was signed Saturday with Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg present. The companies AKVA group and…