Norwegian keeps 737 MAX airborne

Norwegian Airlines keeps 737 MAX 8 airborne Norwegian Airlines System (NAS) will continue to use its Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft as usual after the…

Bomb threat against plane en route to Nice

Bomb threat against Norwegian plane en route to Nice
A Norwegian air flight en route from Stockholm to Nice has returned to Arlanda after a bomb threat was called in. The threat allegedly came from Oslo. A SAS flight ran into problems at Gardermoen as well.

Norwegian charged customer NOK 73K

NAS charged NOK 73,000 due to a technical error Technical problems on the Norwegian Airlines web pages led to customers being overcharged for flights. One…

‘Krumkaker’ is Yuletide favourite

‘Krumkaker’ is Norwegian Christmas cake favourite Traditionally, Christmas cake is an important part of the holiday season for Norwegians. But among the myriad of different…