This year, “all” Norwegians are going on road trip vacations

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This summer, a record number of Norwegians will go on vacation by car or motorcycle. As many as 74 per cent respond in a new survey that they are planning for a road trip this summer.

In the survey from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, it is stated that over half of those who do not usually go on road trips, are thinking to do so this summer. In 2015, only 28 per cent responded that they planned a road trip vacation in Norway that year.

This means that there will be considerably more Norwegian road users on the road than usual in the summer.

“It can increase the risk if there are many new drivers on the road, perhaps even with an unfamiliar vehicle. But it could also go the opposite way. If the new drivers are aware that they are in an unknown place and are paying extra attention, there may be fewer accidents,” says Guro Ranes, director of traffic safety at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Of those traveling, 68 per cent said they were most interested in the views, then 48 per cent said they were concerned about safety.

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