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Top 3 European cities you should visit this autumn

MathallenOslo.Mathallen (Oslo Food Hall) .Photo: Marte Christensen / NTB scanpix


Now the summer holidays are over, you may be in a bit of a slump, but the best way to get over this is by booking an Autumn city break. Some of the best destinations are just a few short hours away in Europe, where you can find unique cities that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a self-confessed foodie looking to explore local eateries or enjoy historical tours of medieval towns, there is something for you. 

For inspiration, take a look at this year’s top European destinations which will help you get over your summer blues. 

Oslo, Norway 
The Norweigan capital, Oslo is the perfect Autumn break offering visitors a carefree trip. When taking a trip to the city centre, it will be a completely different experience from every other traffic-congested city as Oslo is set for a car-free future. So instead of hailing a taxi, you can explore the city on foot or cycle around to see the sights. 

In Oslo, you can find some excellent food locations, one of them being the Mathallen Oslo Food Hall, where several eateries have come together to offer delicious Norweigan delicacies including fresh seafood as well as worldwide cuisine. Once you’ve filled your boots, you can then take a peek at some of Oslo’s famous sights including Vigeland Sculpture Park, The Viking Ship Museum and more historical attractions.

If you decide to travel between November and March, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the glorious northern lights which fill the sky in the colder months. 

Liverpool, England
If planning a trip to sunny England, you should definitely stop off at the northern city of Liverpool, which is a brimming hub of culture. If you’re a Beatles fan, you could take a trip on the Magical Mystery tour where you can explore the fab four’s childhood homes, as well as famous venues including The Cavern where they spent a lot of their time. You can also explore the Beatles Museum, as well as the Maritime Museum and the Tate art gallery, which are all located on the famous docks. 

Liverpool has transformed itself with a significant amount of regeneration going on in the city. This includes developments backed by property companies like RW Invest who have a number of luxury apartment buildings available around the city. This along with commercial developments in the Baltic Triangle have transformed a warehouse district into one of the most fun and vibrant neighbourhoods in the UK. Here, you will find quirky bars and restaurants, including the Baltic Market which has a multitude of food and drink vendors, as well as great entertainment that exudes the vibe of the city. 

Budapest, Hungary 
The Hungarian capital has recently become popular for those looking for an affordable trip with plenty to do including some great nightlife. When planning a night out in Budapest, prepare for something completely different with its late-night bath parties. While it may be a bit cooler in the Autumn, night spa parties are held every month of the year but don’t worry the lovely warm baths will keep you from catching a cold. 
You can decide to explore the city on foot or on the water by taking a cruise on the Danube river, which is what divides the city in half. Some must-see sights include the Castle Quarter and the Hungarian Parliament Building, which features some of Europe’s most stunning architecture.

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