School in Troms allows BURQINI



Pupils at Finnsnes school in Troms can participate in swimming lessons in a swimsuit that covers all of the body. The aim is less absence in the swimming classes for pupils of the Muslim faith.

The BURQINI proposal was made as the result of talks between staff and parents at school,  the newspaper Nordlys writes.
– It is important for us that no students are deprived of the opportunities that are meant to be given to everyone,   Espen Hay, Headmaster at Finnsnes elementary school, says.

Kristin Walseth, associate professor at the Faculty of Education and International Studies at Oslo and Akershus University College, is positive and says that some people are negative to other people for  showing their religious beliefs and views.

– This measure should be entirely uncontroversial. In purely practical terms, it is also better than them bathing in ordinary clothes, since BURQINI is made by the proper material for use in swimming, she said.
According to the Ministry, it is up to the individual municipalities and counties to decide what to do  in these kinds of instances.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today