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Guide for Wearing a Dress on Festive Occasions in Spring!

summer dress womanWoman wearing an early summer dress. Photo: Unsplah

Guide for Wearing a Dress on Festive Occasions in Spring!

The spring and early summer are full of festive occasions, and it may be difficult to find out what to wear. Do you want to get an idea about your next outfit? Then you are in the right place, as we are going to share some outfit ideas in this article.

woman dress summer springIn Norway the 17th of May is a day where people come together to celebrate Constitution Day, weddings and celebrations related to faith are also abundant this time of year, to name a few. Everyone dress properly on these occasions.

There are many events to participate on such as parades etc. Anyhow, the most important thing is to decide what to wear on this great day. Special days make it very difficult to decide on your attire, especially for the women. Women search the market to find the best lady easter dress because they want to look perfect. Well! The ladies can try a different kind of dresses on the store to check whether suits them best. Many of the special days come at the time of the year when the summer is just knocking on the door. We have compiled the list of best ways to look fabulous on spring and early summer occasions.


How to Dress?

Are you going to dress up for a special day in the spring? Then these tips will surely help you:

  • When it comes to the dress, choose a dress that is beautiful, bright and bold.
  • Another thing to consider is to opt out all of your stunning accessories.
  • Also, you need to concentrate on your footwear according to your activities.
  • Instead of wearing high heels, we recommend you supportive or flat heels.
  • Want a stylish easter look then floral headbands and hats can help you.
  • As you know that the weather can be cold in spring and early summer in Norway, so we recommend you to keep a sweater with you.
  • Most of the time you are going to spend is outside, so keep sunscreen, wet wipes and shades with you all the time.

Makeup for the season

Only clothing is not enough, the right makeup is also very important. The women can go for any look like bold lips, nude look, etc. Most of the stylish and good look will be winged eyeliner, radiant and fresh face, soft lipstick and Smokey eyes. Moreover, you can add light pink blush on your cheeks. For the shades of the eye, you can go for either nice eye-catching shade of lipstick or any other you like. Most of the common lipstick on this day is bright pink, burgundy, and orangish red.

Right Accessories for the Dress

Another important thing along with dress and makeup are the right accessories. Accessories add value to your personality and look in an event. There are many different kinds of accessories to choose from like a pearl necklace, bangles, earrings, etc. The colour of an accessory depends on your dress. Moreover, many ladies use to wear hats and white gloves to look modish.


Jumpsuit Lady

The girls who do not have time to spare for shopping – and are looking for an easy to wear a dress – can go for jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are somewhat simple but with proper accessories can help you get a modest and stylish look.

Funky Look for the Teenagers

Teenagers mostly like to wear something funky and stylish on the occasions. Anyhow, the stripes are back in the game and everyone should carry one dress. Stripes are no doubt very flattering and colourful. Well, we will recommend wearing a multi-coloured striped dress for a sophisticated and fun look.  You can knot your hair up and can wear wedges and boots. This type of smart and stylish dressing is liked by any girl who is in her mid-twenties.

Chic in White Jeans

Every woman wants to look pretty and beautiful. Woman are mostly more conscious about how they look and how others dress in an event. Constitution Day or religious events like Easter is are quite solemn occasions, so formal dressing is more suitable for such an event. A simple idea is to wear a white jean with a pink skinny top to look glamour and pretty. Some people think this look is more dramatic. To add more to your glamour, you can wear a watch or a delicate necklace of your choice.

This article is written for Norway Today by Jane Hansson.

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