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Utilise Your Browser With Online Tools

Laptop online toolsA laptop can access your online tools from anywhere. Photo: Tim Gouw / Unsplag


Making the Most of Your Browser With Online Tools

Cloud apps have seen a large expansion recently. There are so many different kinds of cloud apps available and that is not a coincidence. Online tools are much easier to use and offer much more flexibility. Most individuals and business today rely solely on their browsers to perform various tasks throughout the day.

There are so many areas of your life where online tools can help you greatly. They can be used to create and convert documents, organize your daily tasks, managing projects, exchange emails, create invoices and much more. Basically, you can use Chrome or any other browser as a workstation to meet all your needs. The best thing is that you can easily change devices and continue your work on another PC or smartphone without missing a beat.

Turn your browser into a powerful tool

Google Docs is one of the best online solutions you can use to create Docs, Slides, and Sheets as you would do with MS Office. What I like with Google Docs is that you can easily share your document with others, or invite other people to contribute. It automatically saves everything you write, so it won’t happen that you will lose your data due to some unpredictable crash.

For people that aren’t so versed writing in English, I would also suggest using a Grammarly‘s online text editor. It offers a distraction-free environment where you can write without a hassle and at the same time get grammar suggestions. You may also install a Grammarly Chrome extension so it can check your grammar while writing an email or a Tweet as well.

A free online tool that is making everyone’s life easier is Easy PDF, a free online PDF converter. This utility tool is a little different than the ones previously mentioned because it allows you to reuse existing documents, mostly PDFs, for some other purpose. If you wanted to convert the PDF to PNG so you can edit it with online photo editor, you could do it in less than a minute with Easy PDF. Extracting text from scanned images to Word? No sweat.

You can also use your browser for making to-do lists, writing notes down and setting up alerts. If you feel that you are fed up with emails, you can check some email alternatives which allow more instant conversation like Slack.


We’ve seen just a brief summary of how are we turning to cloud software to complete our daily tasks more easily. Whether you need to quickly write something down, make changes to a PDF report or edit photos online, you only need to search it in your browser. It is liberating to know that you have all those possibilities at the tip of your finger.

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