Larger farms have fewer sick animals

Agriculture, cows, Hindus Religion gelatin husbandryAgriculture, cows. Photo: Norway Today Media


Large farms use less antibiotics than smaller ones because they have fewer sick animals, according to figures from the dairy giant Tine.

– Our experience shows that larger farms have fewer sick animals that need treatment, which also leads to lower use of antibiotics, says Anne Cathrine Whist, special advisor for health and fertility in Tine Counselling to the newspaper Nationen.

The use of antibiotics in agriculture is a major concern since it makes some bacteria, which are also ingested by human beings, resistant.

EU’s food safety agency (EFSA) says that it is the density of animals that is the main problem, not necessarily the size of the farm.

If the animals are transported in poor conditions, the chance that they get sick also increases and that they then spread the infection to other farms.

Figures from Tine Counselling show that there were conducted 0,578 treatments per animal on Norwegian farms with between five and ten cows in 2016.

On farms with hundred cows or more the figure was undertaken only 36.percent Whist says that disease among cows on larger farms are generally both more visible and costly than smaller on farms.

– It means that the larger farms are spending more on preventive health care than smaller ones, she explains.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today