Leaders positive for older workers

Construction WorkerConstruction Worker.Photo: pixabay.com


In companies with employees over 60 years old, the leaders believe that seniors are good for cooperation, problem solving and productivity, according to a survey.

The leaders also pointed out that seniors have low absenteeism, willingness to learn, creativity and adaptability, reports NRK.

– This study should really end the discussion, concludes Director Kari Østerud at The Center for Senior Policy.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos and is part of a larger project where Nova Research Institute, Work Research Institute, NAV and the Center for Senior Policy participated.

Østerud believes the survey confirms that the raised age limit for employment in Norway has not changed Norwegian leaders’ positive view of older workers.

– They say they do not see it being a problem that the age limit has been raised, that they have older workers employed, and that they are going to be older in the future.

They haven’t experienced having to struggle with older workers not functioning, but rather experience that they are productive, loyal and responsible when they do their job, says Østerud.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today