Weapons manufacturer sponsored US tour for young politicians

Fort Worth, United States. Norway's first new F-35 fighter aircraftFort Worth, United States. Norway's first new F-35 fighter aircraft.Photo: Laura Buckman / NTB scanpix


Weapons manufacturer Kongsberg Gruppen paid 100,000 Nok to help leaders from the youth wings of Labor, SV, Sp, KrF and Venstre travel to the United States, where their visits included Lockheed Martin.

The trip for the leaders and assistant leaders in the youth parties was hosted by the Think Tank  Agenda.

The bill was split between Kongsberg Gruppen (100.000 Nok), the US Embassy (40.000 Nok), Agenda (80,000 Nok) and participants (30,000 Nok), according to the newspaper Klassekampen.

The journey went to Washington and New York. According to the program, the participants had two dinners and one meeting with representatives from Kongsberg. In addition, they visited the fighterplane manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

Agenda leader Marte Gerhardsen believes the trip, which also contained many other visits and program points, was helpful.

– Our mandate is to contribute to a knowledge-based debate. One of our target groups are young politicians.

On this trip we had a special focus on US election and politics, and we always try to find partners and supporters, she said.

Ronny Lie in Kongsberg Gruppen, is pleased by the cooperation:
– Agenda asked if we would contribute to their training work. We thought the scheme looked good and wanted to contribute to this study trip to the US, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today