Beautiful nocturnal lighting up at Gaustatoppen

5000 attended nocturnal up to Gaustatoppen5000 attended nocturnal up to Gaustatoppen.Photo: Aleksander Myklebust / Norad / NTB scanpix

5,000 people attended the night walking up at Gaustatoppen. The 4.4 km long human link would brighten UN sustainability goals.
– Fantastic inspiration. We got sustainability targets out to thousands of people – a magical night hike to Gaustatoppen. This was really to make the impossible possible, says Eva Bratholm, Communications Director in Norad.

Up in 1883 meters high in mountain was set up 17 sustainability goals and on top the artist Sivert Høyem hold a concert.

– I have never played on a mountain before and never as close to a precipice, he said before he asked all the 5,000 spectators to light up with their head lamps.

“Information Trail” was a night walking tour organized by Norad, DNT and Tinn municipality in Telemark


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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