Fire in a closed horticultural garden on Greåker

Burned in gatneriSarpsborg.Photo.Burned in gatneri: Lasse Bjørge / NTB scanpix


Fire crews worked late Saturday night with a major fire in a closed horticultural center at Greåker in Sarpsborg.

Emergency services were notified of the fire in Berntsen’s Gartneri at Nye Tindlundvei in Greåker, in Sarpsborg municipality at 17.55 on Sunday.

It had been burning heavily for some time and there was a lot of black smoke visible at a long distance. As far from Vestfold, on the other side of the Oslofjord, the smoke was visible.

The horticulture center is currently not in operation and is currently being used for storing cars.

  • “Several car tires and propane bottles in the building have exploded in the fire,” says operations manager Trond Lorentzen to NTB.

There are several houses close to the horticulture center, and the fire spread to a garage adjacent to a detached house.

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