Mohammad gets his own name-day

name-dayName-day.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix NB! MODELLKLARERT


Ten Muslim names will receive a ‘name-day’ in the Norwegian almanac. A common feature of the new names included is that there are over 450 people who have them, writes Utrop. The ten most common Arabic and Muslim names in Norway have been selected.

‘The point is that most Norwegians have a name-day, regardless of the name’s origin’, said advice consultant Solveig Wikstrom at the University of Oslo (who is head of the name-day calendar).

In connection to the new name-days, there was also a desire for gender balance, therefore five boys’ names and five girls’ names were selected.

The names, all of Arabic origin, are included in the calendar along with names that are in it already. No name has been removed to accommodate the new names.

The new names are Aisha, Hassan, Omar, Fatima, Ali, Mohammad, Samira, Ahmed, Amina, and Yasmin.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today