Several fires in garbage cans in Oslo

Fire trucks under emergencyFire trucks under emergency.Photo: Heiko Junge / SCANPIX


The police have turned out to search the area where   several  garbage cans in the same street in Oslo were set on fire or caugh fire on Thursday for possible perpetrators.The police suspect arson.

According to the fire department,  the first fire they were notified of , was in a garbage shed and a car in Holmenkollen at 1.03 A.M. Neighbors used a garden hose to hose down nearest building in order to  prevent the fire from spreading. About ten minutes later, the fire department was notified of a fire in a newspaper trolley just outside of a building in Trosterud.

– And after that further fires took place in quick succession,  operator  in Oslo Fire and Rescue Department,Morten Bratli, says. Three trash cans were probably set on fire in Dr. Dedichens vei on Trosterud.

– Now we hope things will stay calm so that the boys can get some rest and for us to use our preparedness for the things it is meant to be used for. We are disappointed when people are abusing our resources in this way, Bratli says.

Police searched the area for any perpetrators.
– The search is now complete and we are now making  further investigations,   Cathrine Sylju, operations manager in Oslo Police said to NTB at  3.20 A.M.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today