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Improve Your Spanish Skills this Summer

Travel SpanishTravelling to a country is the best way to learn its language. Photo:


4 Cities in Spain to Improve Your Spanish Language Skills this Summer

One of the main incentives for learning a language is the idea of prospective travelling. If we add good weather, cheap drinks, and food, we may have a winning plan for the summer. When it comes to travelling, Spain is one of the most popular destinations for Norwegians. Where should you go if you want to improve your Spanish in addition to having a good time?

According to, the region with the highest quality of Spanish is Castille and Leon. For many experts, someone that really wants to focus on improving their Spanish should choose one of its cities: Salamanca, Burgos, Valladolid, Zamora, León, Palencia, or Soria. But which one of them is the best place to enjoy a good summer trip?


The issue with some of these cities is that they do not have a beach, and we all think about beaches when going to Spain. Therefore, we need to focus on other aspects. Valladolid is the biggest city in the region. But when it comes to having an enjoyable time and a good environment for meeting new people, Salamanca may be more interesting. The University of Salamanca is one of the oldest in the world and gives the city a vibrant cultural activity that includes concerts and many other events. Salamanca is definitely a great location to improve your Spanish during the summer.

What if you don’t want to renounce to the beach?


When we thought about Spanish cities along the Mediterranean shore, Barcelona is the first to come to mind. However, it has some issues. For example, it is an expensive city, compared to other Spanish cities. Besides, when it comes to speaking Spanish, there are too many foreigners, and many of the locals prefer to speak Catalan. On the other hand, the visit is a must and, in Spain, only Madrid offers the same level of culture and leisure.

However, Valencia is big enough to offer a lot of leisure activities It has a great beach, nice weather, and speaking Spanish will be easier. We highly recommend it.

The Mediterranean may be too hot, though. Do you fancy a beach in which you do not have to suffer about 40 ºC in the summer?


Santander is a lovely city on the Cantabric seashore. It is a touristic destination, but it is more popular among Spaniards rather than foreigners. There you can enjoy parties, sun, and good beaches while speaking Spanish. The downside is that rain is relatively frequent, so you better check the weather if you plan to go for only a short period of time.


Fancy something different?

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is one of the main pilgrimage route destinations among Christians on the way to the Holy Land and Vatican City. You do not need to be religious to enjoy the city, though. It has a lot of monuments to see. It is relatively close to the Atlantic shore, and it has a great atmosphere thanks to the university and tourists. The pilgrimage is usually taken every four years (next in 2021), though it receives many people every summer.

What about the South?

The south of Spain is great for enjoying culture, food, and the most general stereotypes we have about Spaniards: bullfighting culture and flamenco. However, if you do not have a good level of Spanish, it may be difficult to understand the language there. They have a strong accent that does not differentiate between the letters “c” and “s”, and leave off the “d” in the last syllable of many words. It may not be the best choice for learners, though it is highly enjoyable as a touristic destination.

This article is written for Norway Today by Miguel Bratos.

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